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Being a Domestic Goddess while holding a full time job

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When people hear the word Domestic Goddess, they are probably thinking a SAHM. Well most homemakers and such are SAHM/SAHW, in my opinion you can be a Domestic Goddess and work a fill time job. Even thought we might recommend to stay home with the kiddos when they are little bity ones, we know that sometimes that is not the case. Now honestly, it will be a little harder for you to work and make you home comfortable, but you can do it. Here is some advice on working while keeping home.

Image result for workign mom1.) Get your children involved-If you have children, this is a great time to involve them in cleaning up. Children as young as 2 years old can help around the house picking up toys, wiping tables, loading laundry. It helps them to grow character and encourages responsibility in them.

2.) Just take 15 minutes- 15 minutes is all you need each day to get you house clean. Each day take 15 minutes and go though each room and pick up what does not belong(I also recommend having a basket in each child's room to leave things in of theirs) or just focus on one room for 15 minutes each day.  You don't have to clean the whole house top to bottom, just focus on the basic.

3.) Organize-A organize house is a tress free house. You don't have to be all OCD, just find a few ways each month to keep you and your home organize. Pinterest is a great website to use to  find ways to organize your living space on a budget.

Image result for cozy living room4.) Have some time savers- Be glad that we live in the generation that we do. we have dish washers and vacuums that can vacuum the floor for you. If money and space can permit, buy something to help you save sometime cooking and cleaning.

5.) Make your surroundings cozy- Candles, diffusers, pillows, and soothing music can make any home go from a house to a home and if I say a place you would want to come home to each day.

My last tip is to make memories. I know that sounds cheesy, but when the children are grown and the house is all quiet, you want to look back at all the good memories that you have made in your home. Enjoy it while it last. This is what living is for.

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