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Lets Talk About The Bachelor

I am sorry for neglecting the blog for a while. I was in the process of writing about being feminine in the workplace post and finishing up the Fascinating Womanhood course, when my son had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery. I thank God for watching over me and my family during this turbulent time. My son is doing 1000% better and I want to thank Children’s hospital for taking care of my son. They were truly my angels.

Now back to business, let’s talk about The Bachelor.
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I am going to be honest, I do not look at the show. It never interested me as a form of entertainment (this also includes the show The Bachelorette and other dating shows like this). The only time I remember looking at the Bachelor is during one of the wedding episodes (not many of these couples have married so that should tell you something). I can’t understand how someone can go on national television with 25 other women, go on a handful of dates with this guy, be intimate with him (again on TV), fall “in love” with him, meet his family, he meets your family, and have a 1/25 chance of getting engaged all in a span of a few weeks. This is a very weird concept (Also I am quite aware that this is a “reality” show and that its fake and all for the cameras, but still it is creepy).
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Now the episode that I want to comment on is the season finale that aired yesterday. Arie had Two women to choose from, Becca and Lauren. Even though he said he said he could see himself being with Lauren, once she said she loved him, he said he didn’t want to continue the relationship. He decided in the end to propose to Becca instead. Well the happiness only lasted for a short time. Only a few weeks after the engagement was filmed, Arie said he wanted to end things with Becca and start a relationship with Lauren (did I mention the break up was being filmed for the world to see). This is not the first time that a breakup of this kind has happened. In season 13, Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft, only to break up with her on the After the rose Episode to get back with Molly Malaney (Jason and Molly are now married).

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The show has been on now for 22 seasons, only 1 couple has made it from episode 1 to proposal to walking down the aisle . This and shows like this take love and turn it into a money maker and pretty much a big joke. Love is beautiful, but a complex feeling. It is something that should not be played with and made a spectacle of. I’m not saying you should not watch the show. I’m not saying someone can’t fall in love in a span of a short time. I’m not saying you can’t conversate with multiple people at the same time in the pursuit of starting a relationship (I will talk more about that later). I’m not even saying you can’t have a fairy tale like relationship. I’m saying that shows like this look at love and relationships and give it a bad name. All I will say is this, look for a love worth fighting for, a heavenly unconditional love. A celestial love.

Here at TMGTFW, we believe that love is a very precious and sensitive subject that we should not take lightly. We help women to tap into their feminine energy to be the loving, caring woman we want to strive to become and that are men would adore and cherish. Just remember, Don’t DELIBERAITLY fall in love with someone in a few short days,Let love grow organically. Now I have some gentle advice for fellow women on The Bachelor and fans alike from one of my dear friends named Elsa, she always says,

*To anyone who enjoy the show The Bachelor, the words of this post is just my opinion. I don't offend anyone who enjoys this show.If you like it,enjoy. If you don't ,that's OK too.


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