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The case of the missing Home economics class

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Around 50 years ago,Home Economics was a required course in school. Young ladies took home economics, young men took woodshop. They had clubs for girls such as Future Homemakers of America. For homemakers they had homemakers clubs where they went to women houses once a month to try a new project or swap tips and recipes. Now, Homemakers clubs are close to extinction, FHOA are now called Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, and even though they still have cooking classes and fashion design courses in school, the whole content of the home economics course has changed. It has changed so much that its not even called home economics anymore its called Family and consumer science.
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To some people,the word home economics has a bad name. Home Economics is a needed course in my opinion and should be required in schools again. You learned how to cook, clean, sew,budget and balance your checkbook among other things that people need to know in life. These are needed skills that everyone should know. Over the years, home economics class have been diminished in favor of science and tech courses.The whole home economics program by the 1960's was look at as teaching girls to stay home and be a wife. But at the end of the the day,it did so much more.
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When I was younger I felt that to an easy A I should take Early Childhood Education(Just so you know,hardest course I ever took,but I retook the course in college in order to work as a child care worker).A  year later, I felt it would be a great idea to go fashion school and become a fashion designer(I cant draw and I cant sew) so I signed up for Interior Design and Fashion Design Class(I didn't even take the course,I transferred out  in order to join ROTC why ,WHO KNOWS).By the middle of my 11th grade year,I decided to become a chef,so I signed up for our schools cooking club and signed up for a few cooking courses. It wasn't until years that I realized I was interested in courses connected into home economics (I regret not taking Interior Design and  Fashion Design however). I might need some more work on my cooking,and I might need a refresher on development milestones for children,but those courses are great for every one to take as a good stepping stones for life skills. Knowing career courses in school are important,but know how to take care of yourself and the others around you is just as important
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