A Salute to The House Dress

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The house dress.The uniform of housewives of the early to mid 20th century. Comfy,durable,breathable,and fashionable.Paired with a small heel or flats and maybe a sting of pearls,it makes this a timeless outfit.

When it comes to the attire of the 2010s housewife,it seems to be a badge of honor to wear yoga pants,your husbands old shirts,and maybe a Spitz of perfume to hide the fact you have not taken a shower in 2 days.Stay a home moms who “dress up” to go to places like the grocery store, the bank, even to the bus stop with your kids are looked at as being aliens from another planet.

Maybe its because I have always preferred dresses over pants,I just feel that dresses are easier to move around the house in. I’m not going to lie,I sometimes catch myself twirling in my dresses from time to time.

Now when I type the word “House dress” into Google Search, lets just say they are for a certain age bracket.Most women will think of flowery patterns or worse mumus.

Now if you feel they are cute,that’s one thing,but a big majority of women who are reading this might not feel this is the right outfit for them.

I’m not saying that you have to wear dresses while cleaning,but that you can look cute while living the SAHM lifestyle. You can wear jeans,skirts,Large sweaters.Use this opportunity to spend a few minutes each day to dress up your outfit with necklaces,belts,and earring(I would watch out with the items little ones can pull off). Enjoy these few dresses which you dress up.The best part,they have POCKETS!!!!

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