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Being a Lady is Back in Style

I was look through videos on You tube when I found this show about being a lady in the 21st century.Growing up,I was a  young lady who was into etiquette books and finishing schools(so upset there is no more traditional finishing schools around) and I was even a debutante my senior year of high school. But as I got older, I lost a lot of those feminine traits that I was as a little girl. Right now with me following the Fascinating Womanhood principles, I am trying to gain the ladylike mindset back.I was looking to see if there was any etiquette schools/charm schools in my area and found a few articles about women trying out etiquette classes and how it is very fundamental for the business world(think of all those business dinners and trips).

The video also talks about deportment(AKA, how to walk graceful), riding a horse sidesaddle(every time I think of riding sidesaddle,I think of the movie Princess Diaries 2),and other traits of a lady and how they are being revamped for the 21st century. Why don’t you take a look at the movie and see how much feminine manner has changed over the years.


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  1. Part of me likes the being a lady aspect, but I can't imagine in today's society that many people are into sidesaddle and walking with books on their heads. Damsels, I guess. I do like the idea of tea parties and fancy dress, too, but part of that old society view was that women were objects who only had a purpose to have a husband and kids. All of those classes were designed to find a husband, and that's insane today! So I def enjoy the modern takes on it. Not nearly as many families have cotillions and coming out parties anymore, but I guess learning to not slurp your soup or have bad posture can still be useful.

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