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Cute Ideas For Feminine Pants/Jeans

Some ladies believe that the only way to be feminine is to wear dresses. We all know dresses are great, but sometimes pants are needed for the occasion. When making pants, remember these Three things:

1.  Let your shirt give a little pizzazz.
For example look at the Two shirts below.  The first shirt come with a beautiful bow in the front giving it a school girl feel. The second top is one of my favorites. Nothing says girly to me then a off the shoulder shirt.

Another example of a Bow shirt. Definitely flatters the pastel pink pants.

A wrap shirt is good for any body type.


2. The shoes make the outfit.
Whether it heels, flats, or sneakers, shoes can make or break an outfit.  Can  make hum-Drum outfit into runway chic like the examples below.

high waist pants

fall outfit stripped top + white rips + sneakers
3.) When all else fails, ACCESSORIZE!!!!!!



Purses, Necklaces, coat, earrings, all these things can make the outfit POP!!!!!
But when all else fails:
have the pants make the outfit.



Black suit with ruffle pant flare and bell sleeved jacket - [STYLECASTER | 35 Suits We’d Actually Wear | Ruffled Pants Suit]


Bold print and a white tank. Can't lose. I love @Karla Pruitt Deras ! She has unique finds. And always looks great in everything.
                                                               Look du jour http://laminutemodedemarinette.blogspot.fr/2013/03/look-du-jour-street-style-de-fashion.html?m=1


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