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Examples of the Ideal Woman Part 1:Jayne Mansfield in the girl cant help it!

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Now that we have talked about what the Ideal Woman is, lets me give you some examples about the qualities of being the ideal woman that you can watch.The movies and characters in the movies show some,and maybe all of the qualities of the Ideal Woman principles.


The first example comes from the classic movie The Girl cant help it. In the movie, a down and out music producer must turn a One time powerful mobsters girlfriend into a Star. However,all she want to be is a homemaker.

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Some of her Angelic Qualities include:

  • Understanding Men– She accepts the main character for who he is flaws and all,
  • Inner Happiness-She finds her happiness in being a housewife.
  • Character–  She has a good character and personality about her. The men in her life(mostly Tom)seem to put on a Pedestal and seem to see her in a shining light.
  • Domestic Goddess– She loves and enjoys cooking and taking care of the home. She takes joy in making a fantastic dinner and tending to the home.
When it comes to he Human Qualities it includes:Image result for jayne mansfield
  • Femininity– From her appearance, to the way she walk down a street,she doesn’t hide her femininity from the world
  • Radiant Happiness and Health– She has a very optimistic view and just has a cheery disposition about life.
  • Childlikeness (AKA Girlishness)- Her soft, feminine,girlish voice.The way she stands up to “Fats”for being meant to Tom while he was ill(however I don’t recommend throwing hot soup on someones head)

After watching this movie,I can see this is  a prime example of what The Ideal Woman is.

I want to show you more examples(from both classic and newer movies) examples of the Ideal Woman.Its great to see the visual examples so we are able to practice more easily.Well Ta ta for now ladies.

P.S.I also recommend the movie Will Success spoil Rock Hunter.She gives off the girlishness in a lot of her scenes.

(I have a link to the movie attached to this post,I recommend going straight to 19:00-21:05 in the movie to see what she says,its so sweet).

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