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Intro to The Ideal Woman

I created this blog as a way to introduce the Fascinating Womanhood teaching and principles to millennial’s and women of all ages around the world. These principles are needed more now then ever before.  The major reason I have created this blog is because I want to help women realize that we are strong creatures who are the gatekeepers of civilizations. “We are the mothers to leaders, inventors, movers and shakers who help to make the world a better place. If it was not for women, civilization would not exist.

Over the last few decades, women have been told in one way or another that we should be ashamed to stay at home and be mothers. Stay at home moms have been that they are lazy and dumb for wanting to stay at home. Women have been put down and humiliated for far to long. When Helen Andalin  published the first edition of Fascinating womanhood in 1963 and took the nation by storm With her book,it helped to save thousands of marriages. It came out around the same time as Betty Ferdain the Ideal Woman hold a unique set of qualities that excite a man and arouse him.Its those qualities that puts spark back into your relationships and makes your man go gaga for you. Its from a man’s point of view because the qualities that excite a man are completely different from what women see in each other.

There are Two parts of the ideal woman. The first part is the Angelic side. The angelic side is who a woman is. This represents her spiritual qualities of a woman. This is the side of a woman that encourages a man to put her on a pedestal. It inspires a man to happiness.It bring him to peace.

The main qualities of the Angelic side are:

-Understanding Men
-Inner Happiness
-Worthy Character
-Domestic Goddess

The second part is the human qualities. The Human side is what a woman does.  This represent the human qualities of a a woman. This is the side that entices men and captivates his attention for you.

The Main Qualities of the Human side are:

– Femininity
– Radiant Health and Happiness

Now each on of these sides by there selves in a woman can do a lot for them in the eyes of a man. But, when they are both combined together, can bring out the love in even the most cold hearten man.

Now understand about becoming the Ideal Woman:

1.) It has nothing to do with the youth and beauty. Becoming The Ideal Woman are qualities that last for the rest of our life and lets our true self shine.

2.) You already have the keys to becoming the Ideal Woman, you just have to tap into it. The Ideal woman are qualities that we already have inside ourselves. We just have to practice these

3.) Living these principles are a lifelong process. These qualities are not for people to use to get a man or to get their own way. These qualities and principles are for women to tap into and awaken their femininity

remember, We are ALL The Ideal Woman. What we are doing is reintroducing the principles we lost so long ago. These are the same principles that have been passed down by generation and generation. We are just learning it in a different way.



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