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Is Sewing Still a Must Have Skill?

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For the past few years,I have always had on my to-do list to learn how to sew. Shortly after my baby was born,my mom showed me hot to sew by hand ,but my interest in learning how to use a sewing machine.So far,I haven been able to find the time to learn how to sew. I had a conversation with Dixie A. (president of Fascinating Womanhood International and daughter of  Helen Andalin) and she said that sewing is a great skill to know,But with stores such as Forever 21,H&M,and Aliexpress, its cheaper to buy clothes rather then buy fabric and sit down to sew.

Image result for sewing patterns  Years ago,when you were on a tight budget,you made your own clothes.Now they don’t even teach sewing in school anymore(unless you are going to be going to fashion design school).Most people my age dont even know how to sew a button or darn a sock. Now with sites such as Youtube and crafty, you can learn how to sew online.But is it worth it to sew your own clothes. Also,sewing is great to know so that you can make your own home decor. One thing about sewing is the price of fabric.  For example, a price of a yard of fabric at Jo-anns is not affordable compared to buying a new outfit . In my opinion,learning to sew is a great activity to know. Think of all the wonderful items you can make including:

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  • Clothes
  • stuffed animals/dolls
  • table linens
  • Curtains
  • Quilts
  • bed sheets
  • towels
  • blankets
  • purees
  • Intimate Apparel
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These are items you can make one of a kind.Also can make gifts for you gentlemen,children,family,and friends.It such a great skill to know.So ladies,do any of you know how to sew?Is it something you would like to learn?


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