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What Fascinating Womanhood is not?

Image result for womanOn the Fascinating Womanhood Facebook group, a question was asked about what was Fascinating Womanhood and what was not. It was an interesting question to me because I had been planning to do a blog about that question. From the many success stories we can say that Fascinating womanhood has benefited many marriages. But since the book was written over 50 years ago, many people have taken a lot of the principles and some of the success stories out of context. People who have read excerpts or never even read the book have made their own conclusions about what Fascinating Womanhood is and make people think negative thoughts about these timeless principles. So below I have a list of what in my opinion Fascinating Womanhood is NOT.

1.) Fascinating Womanhood does NOT encourage Domestic Violence– If you have ever read the classic edition of Fascinating Womanhood, a couple of the success stories included a story where the husband had put his hand on his wife and after she used the Fascinating Womanhood they had a blissful marriage. I will only say this once; FASCINATING WOMANHOOD DOES NOT ENCOURAGE DOMENSTIC VIOLENCE. That story was just a snapshot of that marriage. We don’t know the full story. We would never tell someone to settle with someone putting their hand on them. If you are in aImage result for domestic violance relationship where Domestic Violane occurs, you need to decided if you will stay or go. In my opinion, a man who puts his hands on his partner is a BIG no-no.

Image result for manipulation2.) Fascinating Womanhood does NOT encourage manipulation- Fascinating Womanhood uses timeless principles that will only make your relationship better. FW principles do not encourage ladies to use manipulation for any reason whatsoever. Its one thing to use these principles to better yourself, its another thing to use these principles in the motive to think he will change or to win him as he is a prize. If you do that, what will happen is one of Two things.1.)you will  be upset if the principles don’t work or 2.) Once you have “gotten you prize”, you will stop using the principles and he will be upset because you lied to get him. Remember, Once he tasted the sweet, he will not be content with the old you again.

3.) Fascinating Womanhood does not tell you to be a doormat- Submission is a dirty word to a lot of women in the world, even to Christian women. When women think of the word Submission, women think it means to do what ever a man says NO MATTER WHAT and to be a mans property. I have 2 things to say about that. 1.) We do not discuss submission in Fascinating Womanhood. Rather then that, we say that we accept the gentlemen at face value And 2.) Submission does not mean to do everything a man says. If anyone is telling you to do something that is against your beliefs or is illegal, as a person, you have the right to say NO. As a Fascinating Woman, we encourage woman to be outspoken and to speak up when they see that something is wrong or they don’t agree with. Nagging about someone taking out the trash is one thing, abuse or illegal situations is a whole different situation.

See the source image4.) Fascinating Womanhood does not mean to be a Stepford robot- I am not going to lie, I LOVE the Stepford Wives movies(both the 1970s and the ultra cheesy 2004 version). But there is a difference between The Stepford Wives and us as regular women. One group is fictional characters with a script of how they want the direction of the movie to go, and the other group is humans. As humans, we have feelings, and we as humans we also make mistakes. We ae going to backslid sometimes and sometimes slip out of those principles. Just remember to set a goal to get back on track and strive to stay on the Fascinating path.

If you are someone who has never heard of the Fascinating Womanhood principles, I highly encourage you to subscribe to this blog as I will be talking more about the Fascinating Womanhood principles and also I will be starting the Fascinating Womanhood Course soon. You should also go to the Official Fascinating Womanhood website to read more about the principles and also buy the Fascinating Womanhood book. You can click here to go to the official site. I hope you are able to incorporate these principles into you life to make it just much sweeter.


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