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What is Fascinating Womanhood?


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We honor the role of the female-Over the past few decades, females have been told to feel ashamed of staying home. Their is nothing wrong with a woman working outside the house, but when putting down other women for their choice of being a stay at home mom is in my opinion does not represent the women’s movement.  With the Pro-Feminine movement, we are claiming the right to embrace our femininity and be the women WE want to be, not what society wants.Image result for Princess Girl
We encourage women to reconnect with their femininity- Once upon a time, there were Two little girls. One little girl A was gentle and dainty. She loved tea parties, playing with dolls, and all things pink.
Little girl B grew up as a tomboy. She climbed trees and played sports with the boys. She felt comfortable in jeans and a baggy t-shirt. 
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 When they grew up, Girl A was told and to do away with the girly girl ways and to be strong and Independent because she was too smart to think of staying home to take care of children. She was also encouraged to wear masculine clothes and act like a guy to blend in and be respected in the workplaceImage result for bussiness woman
Image result for tomboys grown upGirl B was still a tomboy and hung out with the boys. But now she was developing feelings for one of the guys. The problem is that he sees her as just one of the guys. She was never into girly things. But she now noticed that she wants to catch the eye of that one special guy.
 Ladies who have a gentle and calming spirit to hold him and cherish him when the days get rough. Fascinating Womanhood encourages women to get back in touch and to use their feminine power that some have lost or maybe are not familiar with.


To be the best you-We are not saying that women should not work. We absolutely say that women can do anything they want, AND they can do it without taking away their femininity. We were purposely made different and for good reason. You should be proud to be a woman and should not hide your femininity to “blend in with the male population”. Be proud to be a girl and DON’T let anyone to tell you that women are weak. Think of it this way, if women are weak, why are we the ones to have babies. For anyone who has never had children, childbirth is a near death experience. People die every day from childbirth (I will be write an article about that soon). You carry a life inside of you for 9 months, must go through hours and hours of labor to bring this child into the world which brings both woman and child to the brink of death, and people think that women are weak. I DON’T THINK SO!!!!
We Inspire love and romance in the man we love- One of the big reasons women practice the Fascinating Womanhood principles is because that want to have this passionate and powerful love affair with their husband/boyfriends. You can look at the many success stories of women who applied the FW principles in their lives  to awaked their romantic side. I feel every woman deserves to have a loving passionate relationship where they are adored, cherished, and wanted.
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Over the last few decades, we have seen many changes in the home and society. Divorce is at an all time high, Big percentages of single family homes, hatred of the opposite sex, and many other shift in leadership of the home.Also sadly,People don’t value marriage anymore. I’m learning to apply the principles because one day I will love to marry and I want to make sure my marriage is  loving and cherished.
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